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Chekhov Studio International is currently the only studio based in Los Angeles to offer thorough, in-depth training FOR ACTORS AND DIRECTORS in the Michael Chekhov Technique. It is the go-to studio for international actors looking to expand their creativity, and careers to Hollywood.
Finnish-American actor-director, Marjo-Riikka Makela founded Chekhov Studio International with the goal of offering a creative oasis for professional actors, directors and writers, and training an ensemble of artists & collaborators, under the discipline, dedication, and inspiration central to the Michael Chekhov Technique. Many professional actors have claimed the technique as integral to their craft, including Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, and Lloyd Bridges. Learn more about the Michael Chekhov Tecnhique


“The thing about performance,
even if it’s only an illusion,
is that it is a celebration of the fact that
we do contain within ourselves
infinite possibilities.”
~ Daniel Day Lewis


Chekhov Studio International is devoted to Brave, Emotionally Available, Physically Capable, and Viscerally Captivating Acting that leads to Unforgettable Performances. We train actors working on Stage, Film and TV. Additionally, we specialize in helping Actors, Writers and Directors overcome creative blocks, communication barriers, dry spells, and plateaus. We wish to offer an artistic home and a creative haven for actors, directors and writers. Read what our students are saying and watch Chekhov Studio students at work.

1. We train brave and inspired actors with no excuses. Our methods are holistic and life-affirming. We not only believe that acting is an art form, but we also support our actors to be successful, happy “professional human beings” who have the ability, courage and stamina to explore, and express all colors of the human condition.

2. We wholeheartedly believe that acting is a profession of joy, and of calling. Even when the character is suffering, a part of the actor’s creative being will be enjoying the ride. Learning to empower oneself as a creator in any job situation, and being inspired to love all aspects of the actor’s creative process is crucial for the actor’s personal feeling of success and happiness.

3. We look for those who want to expand their ability for empathy, widen their emotional and physical range, and find organic ways to achieve character transformation, these being some of the key elements to our technique.

4. It is time for you to be seen. Therefore, we won’t let you hide in a crowd of people. For the utmost positive effect on your acting, we keep our class size to as small as 6 actors/session, and only accept maximum of 12 people in our classes at all times.

5. In our classes you are never alone or uninspired. You will consistently find inspiration, not only by the limited means of personal experiences, but also by the limitless means of imagination.



Chekhov Studio has been founded by acclaimed actor-director Marjo-Riikka Makela. Having taught at many greatly respected acting schools and universities around the world, Marjo-Riikka established Chekhov Studio International with a very clear vision of the kind of actor training she believes to be the most powerful, holistic and beneficial for present day actors, and the actors of the future. Marjo-Riikka offers highly individualized actor training, focusing on developing the actors’ bodies, spirits, their emotional availability, and their ability to work both on stage productions, and in film and TV, with great amount of ease.

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“World-renowned Acting Schools, The Stanislavsky Institute & Latin American School of Cinema in Sao Paulo and Chekhov Studio International in Los Angeles, have formed a partnership in order to advance the art of acting worldwide, produce film and theater productions and embrace actor, director, teacher and student exchange internationally.