Acting with Accents

Acting with Accents / Grotowski Method

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Acting with Accents / Grotowski Method

With Guest instructor, Matthew Floyd Miller.

Have you ever felt frustrated with dialect work in your acting training? Have you ever been told by a casting director that your “dialect work needed work”? Or perhaps you have always wanted to work on the plays of the great English playwrights, Coward, Wilde, Shaw, Pinter, or dive into the world and accents of characters from August Wilson’s or Athol Fugard’s plays? Or expand overseas to work in another market, but feel like you just don’t have the skills to ‘pass’ as British, Irish, Scottish, Jamaican, Spanish, Mexican, South African.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, OR acknowledge the many other GREAT reasons why an actor should learn all possible accents, then this class is designed for YOU!   In this four week course we will approach dialect from not only the fundamental vowel and consonant change approach, but by ‘putting on the body’ of the character who’s dialect we are endeavoring to acquire. We will benefit from Michael Chekhov’s IMAGINARY BODY exercises, and literally embody the characters in order to take on what teacher Larry Moss has called their ‘blood memory’. Or, at the very least, discover and explore the rhythmical feel of the body that creates the sounds of the particular dialect. All students will work on standard British Received Pronunciation as a jumping off place and for the second half of the month they will have the possibility to work on a second dialect of their, or the teacher’s, choosing. The goal is for students to leave with more confidence with dialect work, a sense that dialect work can be a fun exploration, and that they can let go of perfection. Students will be required to do some pre-class video watching/listening to begin to marinate in the dialects we will work on. 

GROTOWSKI work is based on Jerzy Grotowski and his Polish Lab Theatre and NYU Master Teacher Stephen Wangh (author of An Acrobat of the Heart). This work takes a different approach than many largely intellectual actor training methods. Students access their imaginations and emotions with the body through a series of dynamic physical movement exercises and image explorations.

Mondays & Wednesdays / 7PM - 10PM
Wed May 1 – Mon May 27 (8 sessions)

$385 (Payment Options: You can pay by Venmo, Cash or click on the register button on this page to pay online.)

The song becomes the meaning itself through the vibratory qualities. When we begin to catch the vibratory qualities...the song begins to sing us...I don’t know anymore if I am finding that song or if I am that song.
— Jerzy Grotowski
All true artists, bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.
— Michael Chekhov
Actors should arouse a sense of wonder because of their ability to exceed what the spectators can envision ever being able to do.
— Jerzy Grotowski