Copy of Classes



The Michael Chekhov Technique Intensive

Mondays & Tuesdays / 11AM - 2PM
Summer Sessions: 06/10 - 07/30 2019
Winter Session: January - April 2020


Master Class

By invitation / audition
Auditions: December 2019
Master Class: January - April 2020


Scene Study with Chekhov Technique

Sundays / 12.00 - 4.30PM
Summer Session: 06/09 - 07/28 2019
Winter Session: January - April 2020


Mastering Your Close-Up

Day / Time TBA
Summer Session: (SOLD OUT)
Winter Session: December 2019


Linklater Voice: Part 1 - Freeing the Voice

Mondays / 7PM - 10PM
Jul 1 - Jul 27 2019 (4 sessions)
Guest Instructor: Hollace Starr


Character Development Intensive

Saturdays / 12.00 - 5PM
Summer Session: 06/22 & 06/29 2019
Winter Session: January 2020


Private Instruction

Semi Privates: For two actors
Privates: Audition taping & coaching, Script breakdown

In no other performing art is the instrument so frequently overlooked and under developed as in acting. You need to fine-tune your acting instrument daily, just like you would fine-tune your guitar before playing it. If you develop it, your “body-imagination” can be your best friend and will always be at your service.
Stage fright and acting blocks are just unfocused or misplaced energy.
Everything is possible in your audition, if you know how to concentrate on the helpful things, and where from invite your inspiration.
— Marjo-Riikka Makela

Marjo-Riikka is traveling the world acting, directing & teaching in 2019, so make sure to take advantage of the short period of time she will be teaching in Los Angeles in June -July!