The Michael Chekhov Technique Intensive

The Michael Chekhov Technique Intensive

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The Michael Chekhov Technique Intensive

Learn to harness your psycho-physical imagination, build, strengthen, and sustain your acting muscles, your emotional availability, connection with your creativity, your artistic self, and with your fellow players. This class serves as a great workout class for the advanced level of actors, and for the beginners, it is the foundation for all our further work together! This is where your inspiration, your emotional availability, and your physical freedom, and all over well being, starts! This is the class that keeps you FIT and ABLE for any and all acting jobs and challenges. This is your ACTOR’S GYM. 

Winter Sessions:
Saturdays 11am - 2pm (Marjo-Riikka Makela)
January 4th - January 25th
February 1st - February 22nd
$325/4 weeks (max 8 students)

(Payment Options: You can pay by Venmo (no processing fee), Cash or click on the register button on this page to pay online (processing fee applies.)

Chekhov Technique workouts with our teacher training candidate Daniela Sirkin are included in the Technique class starting January 8th
Wednesdays 11am - 12.30pm (Daniela Sirkin)
January 8th -

Why Study Technique before and between scene study?

I was recently asked a valid question: "Why must an actor study technique, why not just do scene study"

So I gave it some thought, and here is my answer:

It's in the technique class that the actor learns to engage with her/his creative spirit, imagination and artistic individuality, and it is in the technique class that the actor develops a physical body that is capable and available to be of use in her/his profession.

In other words, the actor learns how to CREATE, to truly be in the moment, go beyond the intellect, improvise and be fully alive within-, without- and between the lines, and where the actor's body, psychology, breath and imagination becomes one WHOLENESS, that can express the actor's artistic impulses with ease, and specificity.

So that the characters we play, are not squeezed out of our cold cynical intellect, or text "interpretation", but can actually arrive into us, play with us, from the world of infinitive amount of possibilities.

Having developed your actor's instrument, and your artistic individuality in the technique class, you have learnt to become a "self directing"-actor, the kind that has several fully committed possibilities and options to offer to the casting director, and your director.

And you can now freely take direction, without taking it personally.
You have learned to flow into any task INSPIRED!

In the Scene Study, you'll learn how to make what the director asks you to do, YOUR OWN, and how to be flexible, easy to direct, and free flowing, in the restrictions,  guidance, and artistic vision of someone else: Your Director."

Marjo-Riikka Makela

It is a technique that truly helps you feel creative as an actor, which is very empowering, particularly when you have limited time to prepare, or limited stimulus in your environment.